Online Counselling

Counselling in general can cause anxiety, online counselling even more so. However, just like face to face counselling these anxieties dissipate quite quickly once the initial session begins. While traditional face to face counselling is the preferable option, online counselling has beenproven effective and has many advantages, taking place in the convenience of your home or wherever suits, with many clients preferring this method.

How does it work?

Our online sessions take place through Zoom, which is a secure, private internet application. Not only is it easy to use, It also offers the option to share screens and documents allowing for a fully interactive session just as if you were face to face.

Similar to Face to Face counselling, sessions are weekly and last 50minutes, on a pre-agreed, set day and time, to allow both parties to prepare and be in a suitable environment.

Contact Resolve Counselling to schedule an online session. We will email you a consent form and contract prior to you session, to be filled in and emailed back to

Zoom doesn’t require any set up on your end, we have done all the work for you!! Before your session, we will email you the link. All you need to do is click the link and you will see your counsellor and your session will begin.

A laptop with a webcam is best, however a smartphone will also work.
To get the most out of your session we suggest you choose somewhere comfortable and private, without distractions for your session. Don’t forget to put your phone on silent and also make yourself a cup of your favourite drink.

Sessions are prepaid through Paypal and all contracting information will be emailed prior to initial session. Any supporting documents, as counselling progresses may also be sent by email.

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