Phone Counselling

Phone counselling provides easy access to counselling services. It breaks down the barriers of distance, disability and mobility.

Similar to Face to Face counselling, sessions are weekly and last 50minutes, on a pre-agreed, set day and time, to allow both parties to prepare and be in a suitable environment.

Plan ahead where you would like to be during your phone session, choose somewhere you feel safe and comfortable, where you won’t be interrupted or have any outside interruptions and somewhere with good phone service.

Also be prepared with a cup of your favorite beverage or glass of water, as well as a box of tissues. Counselling can be difficult at times and in the centre we aim to make it as pleasent an experience as possible, in order for our clients to relax and get the most out of their sessions, so in the interest of self-care we ask you to do the sameat home when availing of our phone services.

Sessions are prepaid through Paypal and all contracting information will be emailed prior to initial session. Any supporting documents, as counselling progresses may also be sent by email.

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