This programme aims to help you develop your own personalised self-care plan that is unique to you, through the use of a specially developed process, combining a workbook and one to one counselling.

What is a Self-care plan and how will it help me?

Life is full of ups and downs; a Self-Care Plan is an intervention tool that you can pull out when times are tough and acts as roadmap to get you back on track. It’s a fail-safe, created by you, and filled with your favourite self-care activities and important reminders for when you are finding things tough.

Developed with the help of one of our counsellors, you will direct your best self to reflect on what you may need in your worst moments. The reality is that only YOU know how intense your stress levels can get and what resources work for to you, and if your not sure yet about what does work for you, this programme, will take you through the steps to figure that out. 

Based on basic CBT techniques, this programme will help you think about how your thoughts can help with your selfcare and From a mindfulness point of view, it aims to help you be more present and to respond rather that react to life’s problems.

When you have a plan in place, you’ll feel more in control of your circumstances and life won’t feel quite as chaotic. When you are nicer to yourself, you notice the people who don’t treat you that well. You realize that you deserve more, and you give yourself that, which is what caring is about.

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