Child and Adolescence Counselling

Just like adults children can suffer from anxiety, depression, anger issues and a range of other mental health problems. 

Counselling offers children and adolescence a safe place to express their feelings without fear of judgment and learn the skills necessary to control their emotions and the ability to deal with the stress of life as they grow into adults.

The methods used by our counsellors will depend on the developmental stage, age and situation. Methods such as Play and Art, help children express themselves when they do not have the words. Talk therapy can be great for adolescence, as it allows them to be heard without judgment. 


Children & young adolescents (5-15 years)

One of our counsellors will firstly meet with parents for a consultation to discuss what is going on for the child, go through Consent and contracting, and answer any questions.  

At the start of the session the counsellor will meet with the parents and the child together, to discuss confidentiality and what to expect in a child friendly way and to gain the consent of the child. Once the Child is happy to start, the parents can then wait in the waiting room. 

Adolescents (16 – 17years)

One of our counsellors will meet with one or both parents at the start of the session, to share their views and answer any questions.  The counsellor will then go through the contract and consent form with the Parents and Adolescent. As confidentiality is important for adolescents parents do not usually attend further sessions. Depending on individual circumstances, family sessions may be suggested at a later date. 

*Please note Consent is required from all legal guardians in order for counselling to begin*


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