What is Clinical Supervision?

Clinical supervision is a process that enhances the practitioner’s competency and confidence, while building a trusting relationship between a supervisor and a supervisee.

When choosing a clinical supervisor It is important to know that they are an experienced professional that supports a supervisee and their practices throughout their educational and placement requirements as well as throughout their ever developing career.  Clinical supervision's ultimate goals are to ensure maximum client care and supervisee support. It enables the supervisee to apply their skills effectively and to efficiently manage a client caseload, through the mentoring of a seasoned professional.

A key responsibility of the supervisor is to facilitate a safe, confidential and supportive climate in which the supervisee feels safe enough to openly review their caseload and reflect on her own interactions with clients. In this supportive environment the supervisee is encouraged to adopt a wider or ‘helicopter’ perspective of their work with the client and learn how to develop their practices, or where necessary learn alternative approaches and new ways forward.

Why choose Resolve for your Supervision?

Take a moment to think about your career goals and how you want to achieve them. What are your opportunities, strengths, weaknesses or obstacles?

Resolve Supervisors aim to promote reflection, providing ongoing learning opportunities and education, monitoring of ethical practices, facilitating decision making and problem solving processes.  We provide a secure platform for professional and personal growth and development as well as promoting work life balance to avoid burnout.

Clinical supervision is available in both Resolve Counselling Centre therapy rooms and online through Zoom.  All our supervision facilitation is in accordance with the guidelines and requirements of professional counselling and psychotherapy associations.

Resolve provides supervision to accredited, pre-accredited and student counsellors who are working and/or undergoing training in professional counselling and psychotherapy.

We also offer supervision to professionals in related fields such as social work, community work, social care, life coaches and mental health professionals. Supervision can be provided on a weekly, fortnightly, or on a monthly basis.


Supervision Rates.

      Individual - Student Counsellor €45

                                    - Pre accredited Counsellor €55

                                    - Fully Accredited Counsellor €70

Group Rate (2hrs) -  €140 (4 people max)

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