Counselling Prices

At Resolve, we believe that affordability should not be a barrier to people receiving the help they need.

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Different Counsellor Options....

Trainee Counsellors

Trainee Counsellors are in the process of completing their counselling training.
All our Trainee Counsellor have been signed off by their colleges as fit to practice and receive ongoing supervision.


Pre-Accredited Counsellors

Pre-Accredited Counsellors have completed their Counselling Degrees and are currently working up their client hours in order to reach Full Accreditation status with their prospective accreditation bodies, APCP and IACP.
All our Pre-Accredited counsellors also engage in continued professional development and regular supervision.


Fully Accredited Counsellors

Fully Accredited Counsellors have been providing  counselling support to the community for many years. They have completed all their training and received their Full Accreditation. 
Alongside their current expertise they continue to engage in professional development in order to keep on top of all emerging therapies and attend regular supervision in order to ensure their practice remains client focused.

Counselling Prices

Trainee Counsellor - Individual & Childrens Counselling = €30
                                                                - Couples Counselling = €45
                                                                - Parent Consultation = €15 

Pre-Accredited Counsellor - Individual & Childrens Counselling =€50 
                                              - Couples Counselling €65
                                                                                   - Parent Consultation = €25

Fully Accredited Counsellors - Individual Counselling = €70
                                                                                   - EMDR = €150                                        
                                     - Play Therapy = €70
                                                    - Parent Consultation = €35 
                                                 - Couples Counselling =€85


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