Teens Talking Programme

Resolve Counselling Centre started the Teens Talking Programme in 2016, when approached by a local organisation to facilitate a programme for under 18’s as there appeared to be a demand for a service for young people to educate them on mental health and the supporting process of counselling. To date, this programme has been delivered annually to transition year students engaging with the Limerick Sports Partnership based in the University of Limerick. 

What is Involved?

Teens Talking programme offers each student, regardless of perceived need, 4 one to one counselling sessions with one of Resolves Counsellors.

We will also give a Workshop at the beginning of the program in order to introduce, ourselves, the program and the concept of counselling, along with some tips on managing stress and anxiety among other mental health issues.

To date, this program has been offered to Transition year students. Feedback have been very positive both from students and teachers.

What is the Aim of the Teens Talking Programme?

Resolve Counselling Centre’s aim with the Teens Talking Programme is to reduce the stigma that surrounds counselling and mental health. To date this service has been offered to Transition year students, this service to all young people in the year and not just the young people who are distressed or have come to the attention of schools due to behaviour. This is grounded in theory that, when a young person is refered to counselling in a schol enviroment, due to their behaviour, it can appear as a punishment, often making it harder to engage in the process.

Teens Talking Programme aims to break this cycle and change any misconceptions young people may have in relation to counselling and mental health. We believe that education is key and are aware that mental health promotion is crucial within a school setting to aid in reducing stigma.

This is a combination of preventive strategies, experiential learning and educational process that help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and promote teens engagment in counselling services. Furthermore, it is to offer people the information about the process of counselling, learn new ways of coping, help regulate emotions to implement new skills and tools. This aids to help create awareness for individuals for the future if/when issues arise to seek help specific to their needs.

We tailor the Young People Talking Programme to meet the needs of the organisation. Within a school or club setting young people learn how to control their body with breathing techniques to attain and maintain stamina while also learning to cope with overwhelming feelings such as exam pressure, loss and grief, taking direction and critic. Furthermore, young people get the opportunity to learn and understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle, good sleeping patterns, eating well and awareness of the effects of social media.

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